The Down Syndrome Association NWI has served the region since 1987. The constant has been the support our families provide to one another.

We believe that our individuals help make NWI a diverse, vital and inclusive place to live, raise a family and work or start a business.

As we move into our new brand and new space, we remain committed to being a steadfast resource for our community.

Whatever your interest in our organization, we encourage you to establish a user profile on our website. As the site expands, you will find a place here to interact and learn more about individuals and families who make Northwest Indiana special.

If you are new to the Down syndrome community, prepare for a beautiful journey. For our longtime friends, families, supporters and donors, welcome to the NEW, improved, better-than-ever DSANWI!

Who We Are

We are a longtime community organization that supports individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Our hope is to remain a NWI resource for generations to come.

Board of Directors

Mary Rebey

Carey Randall
Vice President

Chuck Lager

Dr. Corinne Fisher Thompson, DVM

Christine Longo
Executive Director

Faced not only with losing our home, but with a global pandemic sending our social population into their homes, we are assessing the needs of the population and working to meet them.

Our Lake County office design has been approved by the the State of Indiana. If you have construction resources, contact us. We hope to start construction soon!

DSANWI Wishlist

  • Cabinets for the office space and kitchen
  • Appliances for the kitchen space
  • Flooring
  • Lumber for custom cabinets for the south wall
  • Theatrical drapes
  • Acoustic sound baffles
  • Building signage
  • Plumbing resources
  • Construction labor


Our mission is to raise awareness, provide support, advocate for inclusion, and change as our population needs us to as a steadfast resource for the Down Syndrome community. We want the region and the world to see us, recognize our value, get to know us, and reap the rewards of our friendship.


Our vision is to change what an individual, group, society and world sees when they have the opportunity to interact with someone born with an extra 23rd chromosome. We want the world to be excited to know us and to recognize our value, and for full inclusion to be organic. Through this vision, we hope to provide a variety of opportunities for our growing population of all ages, from delivery diagnosis and new parent support through adult and elder care issues with a variety of social, emotional, support, educational, play, work and housing opportunities.