DSANWI Update: November 2, 2020


Despite planning and offering several options for a live family meeting, the Board of Directors decided that it was not safe for families to meet live with the COVID numbers rising in the state of Indiana.

As soon as we are able to have a live meeting for individuals interested in the DSANWI, we will.

Thanks to the the Plumbers Local 210, all of the old plumbing in the site at 2167 US Highway 41 has been removed, then the concrete was cut out and the plumbing moved to accommodate two ADA compliant bathrooms. The electrical contractor came out and replace the ground wire before the concrete was poured. We are grateful to Jim Konradi from Konradi Koncrete in Lowell who donated all of the new concrete for the space.

Mike Kelley is working on a resource for the Heating & Cooling. We are working with Joy Shurman from Lowell Carpet & Covering on options for flooring. Currently, we are working with the Laborers Union 41 on grinding out the old tile, so that we can get the floors floated and evened out in order to lay flooring. We have also sent drawings to several cabinet and lumber suppliers to get items donated and or the lowest price possible. Anyone who has resources for the new building, let us know.

We have asked a number times what types of events individuals are comfortable with. Yet, no matter how much time in advance we post events (face-to-face in an outdoor environment or online), very few register or attend. The Pumpkin Carving event was posted for 6 weeks and we had to cancel it because no one registered to attend. This Saturday’s event will be fun. With so little going on for our kids, we hope you all decide to attend.

The relationship that we have with the volunteers from Suncrest has been in place for several years. They are a wonderful group willing to donate their time to serve our families, with zero expectation in return.

We will continue to work with this group to develop online and live events as long as they want to support the DSANWI and its families.

We are also working with a yoga studio to provide yoga twice a month. This will be indoors and will cost $5.50 to attend. Individuals of any age can participate and, when there is room, parents are welcome to join in. If you are interested, send an email to [email protected]. If there is not enough interest, we will hold off on this until late spring.

We are also working a nutritionist and the Indiana Convention & Visitors Authority on a regular Health & Wellness Cooking Event, details to follow.

If there are events you have an idea for and a location where they can be held, feel free to let us know. If you do not have a user profile on this site, you can always use the contact us option. Thanks to Dana Hopper for taking lead on coordinating events.

We did not have anyone register for Buddy Walk activities. Families decided to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month in other ways and we respect their decision. We did still collect over $10,000 in October in Buddy Walk and other donations. Thanks to those of you who did donate and support the future of the organization!

We have reserved the Lake County Fairgrounds for October 24th, 2021 and hope that the world is in a much better place and we can celebrate all we have accomplished this time next year. Anyone interested in chairing the Buddy Walk, feel free to speak up.

The Mum Sale yielded $1300 in profit for the organization and the mums were beautiful. Thank you to Drenth Growers for their generosity and those who supported us in the sale.

The future of this organization is a blank slate. Together, we can decide what is best for our families moving forward, when the building is done and it is safe to gather indoors.

If you have a question, like many others have, feel free to call the office at (219)838-3656. Mary Rebey, our board president, is available via email at [email protected]

I hope you are all safe and remain so throughout this time.



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